Welcome! Quick video so you know what to expect on this call.
If you're on the fence, here's how Mark Mitchell got over $100,000 worth of advice from this call.
“I closed an $8k deal within the first few weeks of this program. And they keep on coming!”
"I accomplished in 90 days what would've taken me 10 to 15 years to do on my own."
"I don't even have to reach out to potential clients. People are reaching out to me asking for my help and then becoming my clients!"
"We had 1 client when we started working with Ahmad. Now we have 8. We're turning away business now because it's too much!"
"Ahmad is my Marketing Jedi. I trust him because he lives, eats, and breathes this stuff."
"Working with Ahmad was a gift. I felt like I had my very own marketing expert on my team!" 
"I didn't really understand my own business.I was just kind of drifting. Now I finally have a plan."
"We wanted inbound leads. And now we're getting inbound leads that are converting into revenue."
"I'm getting so much more traction now. My business has been revitalized and I'm way more confident in what I'm doing."
"I got more value out of a single conversation with Ahmad than I've gotten out of the 10+ consultants I've worked with in the past combined."
"I've worked with coaches who were 'sages from the stage' but Ahmad is a 'guide by your side'"
"Ahmad is like a surgeon. He can pinpoint, seemingly instinctually, where you're stuck and tell you exactly what the solution is."
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